about myselt

Hi, Im Connor. Im 16 years old and I live in the United Kingdom. I've been doing development specifically web-based for about four years and have become comfortable with a wide range of languages. I mainly focus on backend work; this is most commonly done in PHP, although I also know HTML, CSS, and JS. Although my strong suit is PHP and JS.

I have a GitHub repository which you can view here. I also have a portfolio page which can be accessed from the top of the page, or by clicking here. These both can be used to view my prior and current work.

P o r t f o l i o G i t H u b

Latest Works

ZHosting Website

Hosting company website

Portfolio Website Template

Simple Portfolio Website Template

PHP Cookies Authentication

Authentication Using PHP Cookies

Python Auth Library

A python library for authentication

What I Do

These are some of the areas I enjoy working in!

Application Development

Web Development

Network Maintenance

Database Management

Contact Me

Want to ask me a question or just need to talk to me? Feel free to email or call me!

+44 07783822877